Company Announcements (3/22/2017)


Hello Everybody!

Today, Shpople’s debut album Azeroth hit 6k album plays on Bandcamp!  This means it is now the most successful record released under Deadwing Records. I just wanted to take some time to commemorate Shpople’s effort in creating this album in a 28 day time span.

While on the topic of Shpople, I have been informed that they plan on releasing a follow-up to Azeroth sometime this year.  Rumors have it that the theme of the record will be entirely different, and will take longer than a month to produce.

In other news for Deadwing Records, Orismer have begun  the process of demoing their debut concept record The Drowning City.  Demo recordings may be released to the public at a later date, though at the moment, everything is being kept under wraps.

Deadwing Entertainment has begun work on a secret project, currently titled “Project A”.  Project A will be an animated project, though not much else is known about this future en devour of the company.

Well, until next time!

 – Zyglrox, CEO and President of Deadwing Productions


Company Announcements 2/20/2017


Hello Everybody!

In the light of transparency, I wanted to announce a few things and give a few updates in regards to the inner workings of Deadwing Productions.  We have a lot of exciting projects expected to start in the near future, and we are happy to announce the following:

  • Deadwing Records

There quite a few updates under the Deadwing Records branch of the company.  Today, we are announcing the release of 3 albums, all 3 of which should be due by the beginning of Summer.

The first and soonest to be released is Shpople – Azeroth.  This release is aligned with the concept of FAWM (February Album Writing Month).  The goal is to write and record an entire album in the month of February alone.  Company CEO and President Zyglrox working along side Christian Hanson are working to release the Instrumental Metal Album Azeroth, which is due to release on March 1st, 2017!

Zyglrox is also pleased to announce his follow up release to 2016’s Clarity!  Solitude is due to release in the second quarter in 2017.  Not much else is known about the release date or genre of the album.

Last but not least, Deadwing Records is announcing the newest addition to the Deadwing Records roster, Orsimer!  Orsimer plans on releasing their debut record The Drowning City sometime during the summer of 2017.  Stay tuned for more details of this record moving forward!

All three records are being produced and recorded by Zyglrox.

Here is a recap of the records releasing this semester:

~ Shpople – Azeroth (Due 3/1/2017)

~ Zyglrox – Solitude (Summer 2017)

Orsimer – The Drowning City (Summer 2017)

  • Deadwing Entertainment

Deadwing Productions is excited to announce the newest expansion to the Deadwing Productions name.  Starting today, we are starting a visual arts development titled Deadwing Entertainment!  We will discuss more about this expansion moving forward as the details are cleared up within the company.

Keep an eye out for these updates moving forward.  We will be posting them periodically.

 – Zyglrox, CEO and President of Deadwing Productions

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